Streets for People, New Delhi
Streets for People, New Delhi
Project Type
Environment Design
Parekh Associates
Site Area
04 Roads (18.5 km)
Project Description

Public Works Department (PWD), New Delhi has proposed a Street Development Programme, using principles of ‘complete streets’ which will address the requirements of all types of road users. PWD has planned to develop and redesign approximate 20 km road through four different packages.

DPC’s overall services include design of roads with improving road geometry, providing public space, dedicated space for pedestrians, non-motorised vehicles, and hawkers parking. To achieve the above, pedestrian survey, traffic analysis, activity mapping, discussion with concern stakeholders have been carried out. Hereafter conceptual plans, tender drawings, and detail design drawings have been prepared. The development of the new infrastructure will include reorganising sidewalks, streets, and intersections keeping the pedestrians in mind, and promoting public transportation.