Street scaping and Beautification of Delhi Roads, New Delhi
Street scaping and Beautification of Delhi Roads, New Delhi
Project Type
Environment Design
Parekh Associates
Completed, 2010
Site Area
5.5 km stretch
Associated Consultant(s)

Parekh Associates

Project Description

Delhi Government had undertaken large infrastructure and embellishment projects to facilitate Common Wealth Games held in Delhi during 2010. In response to concerns over construction of roads, under-bridges and over-bridges, expansion of road infrastructure, flyovers, and bridges; street improvement was also a major part of this project.

DPC explored multiple aspects of street design during the planning of the project which included geometric design of the road junctions, traffic survey for a smooth inflow of the traffic and beautification of the streets by designing landscape corridors, creating an attractive street edge and providing appropriate public facilities. The facilities designed included public kiosks, seating, lighting, trees, public toilets, drinking water etc.