GIS Based Master Plan for Kandukur Town, Andhra Pradesh
GIS Based Master Plan for Kandukur Town, Andhra Pradesh
Project Type
Urban Planning
Director of Town and Country Planning (DT&CP), Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
Site Area
72 sq. km
Project Description

Kandukur is a Municipality in Andhra Pradesh and also a Mandal Headquarter located at the south-east side of the Prakasam District. GIS based Master Plan was prepared for Kandukur as per AMURT Scheme for which DT&CP has taken the initiative to prepare a revised Master Plan for the year 2041. The overall objective of the Kandukur Master Plan is to create land use planning and enabling spatial framework in order to promote, guide and rationalise the development.

This plan will encourage existing economic activities to grow by providing adequate infrastructure in terms of the road network and preservation of natural features. Kandukur has two lakes and one major stream, considering natural drainage of rain water the master plan aims at conserving them by providing green buffers and roads along the natural drains in conformity with the topography making provisions for infrastructure like water supply and drainage easier. Commercial and mixed use zones are provided along the major roads to tap the land value and generate revenue.