Detail Design of 5 Heritage Zones for HRIDAY Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Detail Design of 5 Heritage Zones for HRIDAY Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Project Type
Environment Design
City Mission Directorate
Site Area
Krishna Janmbhoomi – Street length 850 m, Chatta Bazaar – Street length 940 m, Vishram Ghat – Street length 520 m, Shiv Tal Kund – Street length 394 m, Bhuteshwar Tiraha – Street length 261 m, State Bank Chauraha – Street length 415 m, Deeg Gate – Street
Associated Consultant(s)

Multi Media Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Project Description

Mathura has been chosen as one of the 12 heritage cities for Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY) Scheme of Government of India. Keeping heritage as centre of urban development, HRIDAY scheme focuses on development of civic infrastructure and providing public amenities for locals and tourists in the selected heritage sites. This will help in revitalization of the cities as a heritage and cultural destination.

Mathura, famously known as Krishna Janmbhoomi is the prime centre for cultural heritage and pilgrimage tourism in the north of India.The design intervention in the five heritage zones namely Krishna Janmbhoomi and Porta Kund Chauraha, Holi Gate Junction and Chatta Bazaar Street, Vishram Ghat, Shiv Tal Kund, and the four chowks- Bhutheshwar Tiraha, Masani Chauraha, State Bank Chauraha and Deeg Gate focuses on providing public amenities, improving civic infrastructure and tourist facilities, accessibility and transportation, infrastructure (lighting, sewage, and waste disposal), street-scaping, and upgradation of heritage properties by fulfilling the present needs and keeping the essence of the place intact. The detail design of street geometry is focussed on pedestrians to make the experience of the journey to the pilgrimage a better one.